Get top rankings
on Google searches!

Track your results, spy on & overtake your competitors


Easily Monitor Your Traffic

Know your results.. anytime.. easily

Monitor your site rankings across global and local search engines. Listen to the social buzz on your brand and products. Analyze your site visitor traffic, conversions and ROI.

Get Seen 'Locally'

Get top rankings in Google local

Learn how to earn 'brownie' points from Google so Google gives you instant 'favour'. When you know how to 'play the game' Google will love and reward you immensely.

FREE Smarter SEO

Benchmark where you are right now

You need to know where you rank, exactly and simply and we need to know so we get to have bragging rights when we get you cranking up the search engine charts.

Page 1 in Google

For your business

Better results in less time for less outlay, that's what business owners want!

Static SEO

Once off keyword optimisation

Commonsense Package

We create your new title, description and common sense keywords to your website.

Simple Package

We do our keyword research, validate your keywords, create your new Title, Description and Keyword Bank (meta-data) and apply that to your core site and the homepage of your website.

Simple Plus Package

We do ALL under Simple SEO and apply it to 4 other web pages.

Performance Package

Our top of the line package. Which is ALL of Simple Plus, we then analyse the top ten performing keywords and apply it to 10 other web pages.

OEVLWQ1 [Converted]

Dynamic SEO

Ongoing monthly optimisation

275 Package

550 Package

2200 Package

1100 Package

Custom Package

7 Reasons to partner

with Smarter SEO

1. Clear online 'live' reporting!

Monitor your website rankings across global and local search engines.

2. 6 Years experience!

Organic rankings is what we have always done well, now dynamically.

3. Dedicated Account Manager!

Communicate direct to the same person who handles your account & SEO.

4. Local support team!

All done in-house & local by people who run their own successful niche websites.

5. Solid short & long term results!

No use climbing the search engine 'charts' if you don't stay there...

6. Proven track record!

Read our success stories and range of industries to see others success.

7. Rock solid guarantee!

You can't beat a guarantee that is based on results and outcomes...

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Performance SEO & Ranking


Website Position & Tracking Reports

Competition Analysis

With the Performance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and ranking optimisation module we drill down into your competition.
We find out what they’re doing well, find out what they’re getting wrong and do it all a whole heap better.

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