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It All Started Back in 2006 When I Bought a Licence to Run an Audio Books Online Store

I wanted to 'live the dream' of 'sitting at the kitchen table in my underwear making money online' 😆 (sorry about that image)

The deal was only 1,000 licences worldwide at $1,000 per licence. (they sold out in 24 hours, do the math, that's a million $$$ overnight).

The deal was we got a personalised website all set up with a CMS (Content Managed System) and we paid $50 a month for the support and hosting.

The trick was to set your site up better than anyone else so that it ranked better. Good luck with that!

It was Great Way to Start My Online Experience and Intro to the World of www

Hi, I'm Peter Butler of Smarter SEO. We also have in our 'suite' of online offerings, Smarter Websites, Smart Email, Smart Business Websites, Smart Mortgage Marketing and the list goes on.

So there I was, competing with 1,000 other businesses trying to crack the audio book market by ranking better than them for specific niche terms. I had my 'core' site but I then went about creating niche sites to target a specific audience. I created a whole bunch of niche sites.

It was a battle at first, but there's something intrinsically powerful about learning 'on the tools'. What an awesome time we had, and a fair measure of success. We really cranked it up for quite a few of our terms and what a steep learning curve.


Having your Websites Show Up on Page 1 in Google for a Specific Set of Terms is a Real Buzz

Then Apple entered the online market of audio books with iTunes and there also were issues around Windows Digital Media Rights Licencing so it was virtually game over. We still had good traffic and sales but not enough to keep my wife in the lifestyle she is accustomed too 🙄

So we then went on to apply what we had mastered in helping other business owners get better results online.

With the unique Smarter Websites Online 'Module' system is made it easy for business owners to get online regardless of their cashflow situation. And they could 'stage' their next measure of success with this 'modular' system.

As a part of this 'Module' system were 2 components that fast-tracked them be 'known' online

1. Local 'Online' Hero & Business Toolbox

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Now both of these modules were 'one off' expenses yet gave great results so the clients were rapt.

So What are the Details in Each Module?

Can't tell you that unless we're 'face to face', or on the phone so hit the contact Smarter SEO link or pick up the phone - 08 9439 2820 (even then you'll be sworn to secrecy :mrgreen: ) What happened then was clients wanted even more.

Great, they've now had a 'taste' of online success with the 'Static' module boost and they wanted more and bigger and better things from their online marketing.

That's why we have now launched our 'Dynamic' Smarter SEO program - with packages to suit all business owners.

Start with a FREE Smarter SEO 'Website Audit and Benchmark Report'.
You want to 'know' exactly how your website is viewed by the world right?

Once that is done we can have a chat, see what has been done already, find out what you want to achieve, maybe find out what needs to be 'undone', look at your budget so you can make a better strategic and staged plan.

Look, business is not supposed to be complicated so we've laid out our thinking. I'm sure you'd agree it's a simple model.


The Smarter SEO’s 7 Step ‘Business Model’

  • We take away the ‘smoke and mirrors’.
  • We speak human, not geek.
  • We benchmark you right at the start.
  • You get easy online tracking tools to check.
  • You see the rock solid progress.
  • You get more business and bank $$$
  • You brag about us so we get more gigs.

Simple Huh!!!

So pick up the phone 08 9439 2820 or fill in your details here to get -
Your Smarter SEO Website Audit & Benchmark Report!

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