Scope Drafting – 1428% Increase In Web Traffic

The Client:

Nathan Peart of Scope Drafting is a dedicated Building Designer and Energy Efficiency Consultant who is passionate about sustainable building design. Nathan’s other passion is the home builders market although his projects range to some of Perth’s leading project home builders.

Also a 6 Star Energy Efficiency consultant and specialist using Sustainability WA as the web front for that part of the business. (link to s-wa case study)

The Problem:

A totally static online brochure style website with virtually no traffic, a low search engine ranking, no prospect engagement aspects and certainly no lead generation process in place.

Another of our ‘80% of our work are rebuilds’ projects.

The Goal:

Build the business so Nathan could build the drafting work so that it was being handled by an in-house managed team. Already ahead of most Nathan wanted to better position and stregthen his position in the new building industry energy efficiency rating system under the banner of Sustainability WA.

The Result:

1428% increase in web traffic (see Client Quote 1 and 2)

Dynamic engaging website that Nathan can use as a tool to show he’s on the leading edge of industry changes.

Solid lead generation and prospect qualification systems automated and built in.

Yardstick Statistics (These stat’s below don’t mean business success, it is simply an internet yardstick and the world’s view of the website evolvement and improvement)

[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”0″]

  • 28.10.10
  • Google Page Rank – 0
  • Alexa Rank – 7,007,223
  • Pages Indexed – 5
  • Web Traffic – some
  • New Business Via Website – No


[column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”0″]

  • 13.11.2011
  • Google Page Rank – 2
  • Alexa Rank – 5,093,327
  • Pages Indexed – 40
  • Web Traffic – 1428% increase
  • New Business Via Website – Yes


Client Quote 1:

Hi Peter, Just wanted to drop you a line to say how happy I am with my website

For the first time since I have been in business someone found my website on Google and contacted me, resulting in a new job. I have also been able to use my website to explain my services. After referring one potential client to my website he rang me back to tell me I was exactly who he was looking for and gave me the job based on the information in the website.

It’s only been a few weeks but the investment is paying off already.

Thanks again,

Nathan Peart – Scope Drafting and Design

T: 9537 2000 | E: | W:

Client Quote 2:


Hi Peter,

I have done nothing to my Scope Drafting Website since you set it up, besides following your advice of posting regularly. I had not even realised that my Google Page Rank had increased until you brought it to my attention. Although that would explain the huge increase in web based enquiries I am getting. This is totally thanks to your website design.

Thanks again Peter.

Nathan Peart – Scope Drafting and Design

T: 9537 2000 | |

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