Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click

(now called Google Ads)

Our clients hire our Google advertising experts to generate hot leads for them, because it takes expert knowledge to run a high-performing Google Ads campaign that boosts enquiries, drives traffic and increases sales. We've done it for them, now we'd like do it for you.

Overview of our Google Ads Campaign

Keyword Research

A strong list of keywords is the golden key to a highly converting PPC campaign. We identify the keywords that ensure your ads display in front of your ideal customers, bringing the best results for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what's working for your competitors saves us time and gives us an advantage when creating your Google Adwords campaign, because this kind of advertising is highly competitive.

Google Ads Copywriting

Our experienced ads writer produces ads that stand out from the competition and make the right people call you right there and then or click to your website.

Landing Page Creation

We design a high-quality landing page that's optimised for conversion, meaning it delivers on the promise by displaying information that entices your hot leads to buy from you.

Tracking & A/B Testing

How do we know whether your campaign is successful? By tracking and measuring the number of clicks and how many leads contact your business. This also helps us to improve the campaign.

Protection Against Click Fraud

We protect your campaign against malicious competitors who might be tempted to repeatedly click ads to make you reach your advertising budget early and force your ad to deactivate itself, making you miss out on further clicks.

Maximise your online marketing budget and beat the competition (yet pay less per click)

Why use Google Adwords?

Sometimes the competition in Google search results is simply too tough to beat.

Even when you have a well-optimised website and blog posts, quality backlinks and directory listings, and even if they're performing well, you might still struggle to attract the right people.

Google Adwords (now Google Ads) are designed to help you overcome this issue.

Your ads, with your contact details usually included, are placed at the top and bottom of Google search results where hot leads will see them. Leads can then call you, visit your website, or pop into your brick-and-mortar outlet.

How Google Adwords works

Google Ads is a pay-per-click digital advertising tool (or PPC) owned by Google. It works great for businesses that depend a lot on traffic from Google search results.

Advertisers run click-worthy ads and link them to their websites. These ads are cleverly crafted to only target and entice the people searching for specific products, services, events, or other information.

As soon as Google displays the results for those searches, the related ads appear at the top of the results pages. Sometimes they also appear at the bottom.

Because ads look similar to the organic results, Google labels them with a small 'Ad' tag so we can tell the difference.

Advertisers pay only for the clicks. That is, only for results. It's totally worth it.

Benefits of advertising on Google

Money spent on Google Ads is money well spent. Here are the top things you can do with it:

  • Target hot leads, not tyre kickers
  • Get instant results (phone calls and clicks)
  • Convert faster than with SEO
  • Pay only when people click your ad
  • Narrow down to specific audiences
  • Option to target only a local audience
  • Start with small budget

With our PPC Perth team, you'd also have complete transparency through honest easy-to-read reporting showing your results and how we achieved it.

Why outsource to a Google Adwords specialist?

Google Ads need constant monitoring. You can't just set it and forget it.

You need to find your keywords, design the ad, run it, watch what's working, identify what's not working, analyse the results, tweak your campaign, check what the competitors are doing, adjust yours again, watch it, analyse it… it's a long, repetitive cycle that requires a lot of patience.

Most businesses don't have this kind of patience, let alone the time and expertise.

That's why you'd outsource to a specialist. Their job is to craft and run the best Google Ads to make sure your specific business gets top results.

We're here to save you time, minimise your spending and increase your sales.

Are you ready to benefit from Google Ads?

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