When can you expect to see results?

The sooner the better we say. Not being evasive but it depends on many factors.

This is the easiest explanation we’ve seen on the planet –

  • The age of the domain
  • How well the site is structured (explanation below)
  • The amount and quality of the pages and content on the site
  • What ‘other’ SEO strategies have been done previously (that can be a plus or a negative)
  • If new content is added regularly
  • If there are any social media activities
  • If there are existing ‘backlinks’ (other sites linking to yours)
  • The quality of those backlinks
  • Whether the site and business is registered with Google

We find many businesses investing into SEO Services and their website is not well structured.

It’s like the parable in the Bible. The man who built his house on the sand? Well, it got washed away the first change of season. Now the man who built his house on the rock, with those solid foundations, didn’t matter what the elements through at it, it held its ground.

Your website is exactly the same. You might give a decrepit old house a new paint job (new graphics) but its strength still depends on the core structure.  Great that it looks good for a little while but it will soon peel and crack in the open elements and not hold its own.

Back to the question – when can you expect to see results?

We’d certainly like to see a change within 3 months as per our guarantee or we’ll be working for free for up to 6 months to see that change.

How do I know if my site has been ‘Indexed’ (know exists) by Google?

That’s an easy one. Simply go to Google Search and place this in the search box –

site:http://www.yourwebsitename.com.au – the results with be a ‘About # # # number’

That is how many pages of your website Google know exist. We let you know this as a part of the ‘Benchmark’ report. Oh, and you will see this figure grow as a part of your campaign with us.

Why do my rankings move up and down?

Firstly, the search engine algorithms are constantly changing as Google, Yahoo! and Bing endeavour to continually serve the most relevant search results to its users.

Secondly, the competitiveness of the industry and search terms that you are targeting can also influence your ability to move up the rankings with ease.

Generally broad search terms, such as ‘events’ or ‘cars’ will be much more competitive and more difficult to rank for than specific, targeted keywords that are relevant to your business and your website, for example ‘corporate events Brisbane’ or ‘cars for sale Brisbane’.

Usually, it will be much easier and quicker to rank for specific keywords that are less competitive and more relevant to your business. Additionally, if you choose your keywords strategically, you’ll also be more likely to get much more traction and draw high quality traffic to your website.

Finally, there’s no way to control what SEO tactics your competitors are using.

Therefore it’s vital that you employ a long term SEO strategy to ensure that your website is constantly optimising against your competitors.

If you stop applying SEO to your website but your competitors continue with their SEO, it won’t take long before you drop out of the ranks as your competitors overtake you.

In most cases, SEO is not going to happen overnight. The reason for this is because of the number of variables that cannot be controlled.

However, by putting the right strategies in place, and by keeping an ongoing long term view of SEO, you’ll start to see meaningful, worthwhile results and add value to your business.

The number one thing to remember is that SEO is a marathon not a sprint. And if your website is new, then you’ll have to be even more patient.
One Thing You Do NEED To Know!

What you need to know is Google don’t actually rank websites, they rank web pages, one by one.

So the best way to get your website ‘known’ for certain keywords is one page at a time, for one specific term for each. That way when your web-page (not the home-page), shows up for someone when they search they are likely to stay on the page longer, because it’s the specific page or answer about that subject!

That in turns gives you ‘Brownie’ points with Google, as Google now has an indicator that your web page is an authority therefore earning it a better score.

Why is it a 12 month agreement?

Some results are quick, some take longer but to help you HOLD the results an ongoing management campaign needs to occur.

A truckload of other FAQ's coming soon.

Be Aware Section!

Our Guarantee!

Is there a weasel out clause?

No, however we need to be fair to us as well as you. We will probably achieve better results than on our guarantee page.However this is our safety net and minimum results quota - our objective is to rank your website as high as possible.

What we don’t do is focus on optimising for words that NO-ONE is actually searching for. We do see this happen with some SEO companies. BE AWARE of this practice! 

Smarter SEO guarantee you a minimum level of performance as detailed above. Should we fail to meet a milestone, we continue your campaign without charge (for up to 6 months) until the milestone is met.

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