How Smarter SEO services can help you

We do understand the importance of SEO, yet you want to make sure your investment is in the right hands. That’s why we believe in honesty and transparency. We approach every campaign tactically to ensure that we maximize the value of the service that we offer to our consumers. We’ll allow you to access all the files, information and people that are important to your project.

The following is the SEO process we follow for you.

  • Preliminary Consultation

With initial consultation, we get to know your business, discuss your needs and provide you with supportable SEO solutions.

  • Site Audit

Our SEO Specialist will go through website auditing according to a thorough check list.

  • Keyword Reserach

We do keyword research, where we utilize professional SEO tools to determine what the keywords or actual search terms are that searchers are using to find your website.
Keyword Research


Targeting the proper keywords…the ‘actual’ terms that searchers use to find your website will help bring better quality traffic to your website…


… traffic that is more likely to convert into customers!


Competition or Model Analysis

Competition Analysis

This is done in conjunction with the keyword analysis. We want to know who your top 5 competitors or model businesses are.

We want to examine what they’re doing, what they’re doing badly, what they’re doing well and do it a whole lot better.

With our online reporting you’re actually able to monitor yourself in a side by side chart model to see easily compare your ongoing performance.

You’re also able to literally ‘spy’ on your competition, it’s pretty cool software. More on the online tracking software below…


Site Analysis

Site Analysis
It is imperative to conduct an SEO site check to ensure your website has good, clean source code and is set up and working properly.

We look for anything that might be considered deceptive or spam and ensure that there is nothing on the frontend or the backend of your website that may be causing issues with the search engines such as duplicate content, slow loading pages and broken links (among others).


Optimize Website Content

Content Optimization

Optimizing your web page content is essential to ensure that the keywords you have chosen to target are properly supported on your website

Some of the key areas of your website that we focus on to optimize for your targeted keyword phrases include:

There is a whole range of activities and actions listed below we take to make sure we get the best results for our efforts.

The biggest factor contributing to the ‘stickiness’ of your site (keeping people there is in the core structure of your site, almost the chassis if you like). If we don’t give that the right focus and attention from the get go then all the back linking strategies in the world won’t give you the results you could achieve. This is a part of the ‘On-Site’ focus we have initially.

From that we plan to achieve not only more traffic but better quality traffic that ‘sticks’ and converts to paying clients.

Natural SEO Link Optimization Services


Our natural link building services are designed to boost the credibility and link popularity of your website. We do the following:

1.         We conduct an internal link analysis and site link check to improve your internal linking structure and optimize your existing text links.

2.         We conduct an inbound link analysis to determine the quantity and quality of inbound links in your backlink profile.

“Upon determining the health of you internal link structure and backlink profile we can search for new opportunities for natural links as well as assist with requesting removal of low quality backlinks.”


Ongoing Search Engine Optimization


It’s imperative to ensure that the SEO work that has been implemented is monitored, maintained and improved upon to get the most ROI (return on investment) out of your SEO efforts.

As part of the SEO process and strategy, we will run reports, monitor your web page listings and review the web analytics to ensure that your web pages are indeed indexed and ranked properly.

We also measure conversions, analyse the conversion data and make whatever adjustments are necessary to help push your web pages up the search engine listings.

Web page modifications may include adjustments to the internal linking structure, Meta data, alt tags and web page content, among others.

Online Powerful Real Time SEO Monitoring & Tracking


With our custom online analytics tool you can check your keyword rankings daily. You always know where you are at.



We provide reporting tools such as:


1. Site Ranking

Track your positioning progress: compare your website's current rankings to its previous results (previous/best results or choose a particular scan date to compare with) and observe position fluctuations.

2. Web Analytics


The purpose of this web analytics reporting tool is to show your traffic trends as important indicators of a website's success.


3. Competition Comparison


Let’s face it; most of us are competing against someone for that top spot in the search engines.

Doesn’t it make sense to be able to compare easily?

With our state of the art ‘Live Online Reporting’ you can compare with up to 5 competitors in an easy side by side portal.

You can compare by keyword, search engine, track the average listing, and even down to page by page/keyword.

How good would it be if you could see how many searches there is each month for a term and how many visits you’ve had for that term?

Yup, it can do that too.

Even for people who want to self-manage their own search engine optimisation the ‘Smarter SEO Live Online Reporting & Monitoring is a no brainer.

All in a cloud based easy to manage live online reporting platform.

4. Listen to the social buzz

Social Buzz
Always a hard one to monitor easily is the social buzz and activity on your brand and products via your social media activities.

Smarter SEO, in just a glance you can see your outcomes and successes.

And it just goes on with the ‘live’ online reporting…

  • Keyword Basket
  • Geo Report
  • Total visitors
  • Traffic sources
  • Traffic Efficiency Report
  • Backlink Quality Dashboard
  • Competitors Overview
  • Competitor Metrics
  • Competitor Rankings by Keyword
  • Competitor Rankings by Search Engine
  • Site Auditor Dashboard
  • Broken Links Checker
  • Keyword Placement on Landing Pages
  • Average ranking position trend
  • Average ranking position
  • Average ranking position with competitors
  • Ranking distribution
  • Top 5 keywords by rankings
  • Ranking position changes
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