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This Report Can Show you Exactly where you Rank for Each Keyword

Are you in position 59 or postion 12 the search engines? Not only that it will show you that rank for each of the big 3 search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing. What is your position in each of the Big 3?

How do you Compare to your Competitors?

The Smarter SEO software can also show you where you rank in comparison to your competitors. You might have an unfair advantage over your competitors that you haven't taken FULL advantage of yet! Wouldn't you like to know about that?

To win the game with the search engines (mainly Google) let's say you need to have a 100% score. Trouble is not everything you do online earns you a 1 point score. Your 'Meta Data (Title, Description, Keywords) might earn you 3 points and your page content earns you a massive 5 points.


Remember, Google Don't Rank Websites at All, they Rank Web Pages, Page by Page

The best way to get your homepage rank soaring the Google charts is to have other pages showing up in the results for specific keywords. How great would it be if you could see what those words were and their rank?

This Report Will Show You

Your Average Rank

The Google Average Position ranking system provides a solution to the occurrence of website rankings probably differing for two persons, even if the two persons are searching for the same term. Google has begun applying the new calculation method that takes into account variances in type of device, location, and personalization, giving users a much more detailed picture of search engine rankings.

Which Page for Which Keyword Rank

We'll create website audit report including warnings and helpful advice. Our report covers all SEO based page areas. There should be keyword presence at all important tags. We will tell you about keyword placement on landing pages. So you will get an idea about where to place your main keywords.

Your Top 1, Top 10, Top 20 and Top 30 Keywords

With our keyword analysis process, we‘ll help you at all the phases of keyword research. We’ll do searches and get valuable suggestions. With this stage, you will see how often the keywords are used by users and how competitive each keyword. We’ll spy on competitors’ sites to find out what phrases they use to get top positions. Our keyword list will include Google monthly searches & competition for each phrase. With this process, we can suggest the most valuable keywords.

'Social Buzz' Rank Tool

We’ll offer you social buzz monitoring tool mainly as a social media marketing tool. It can search mention of your most important keywords on discussion forums, articles, blogs, social networks and other sites. You can check no of conversations with your targeted keywords. With this tool you can conduct and analysis of received feeds. This tool can play a vital role in your social media marketing campaigns.

All in an Easy to Understand Online Portal

Smarter SEO Game Changer Software.

It's a no brainer, no obligation, simple to apply report WITH an online reporting FREE account. Simply choose what fits you below.

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