One of the biggest issues we have found with the SEO Industry is transparency. What I call the smoke and mirrors of SEO.

To me it’s simple! If you can provide simple easy to follow results then it’s either working, or it’s not

Here’s the ‘normal’ reporting model –

The SEO Company sends through a report with graphs, pie charts and numbers, comparison’s and this is supposed to prove that they’re earning their keep. Makes sense, kind of. 

And most times this report comes out in a PDF attachment.

We got to thinking, what if it was online, only showed the really important stuff and was simple to follow.

What about then if it was updated often so it was almost ‘live data’?Enter Smarter SEO.Even if a client doesn’t want to use us to DO their SEO, we’re ok with that.


Because we’re able to provide accurate, up to date, easy to follow online reporting that means YOU can track your results online whether you’re doing it yourself, or it’s outsourced, or even if we’re doing it.



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