Who is Smarter SEO?

Hi, I’m Peter B Butler, Head Honcho of Smarter SEO.

Peter Butler
From its humble beginnings in 2007 we have evolved into one of Western Australia’s leading providers of websites, online and digital marketing services that provide business owners online opportunities to grow their business.

We help professionals and small businesses market themselves cost effectively and use their website as the tool it was intended to be. A positioning tool and qualification instrument to elevate themselves above the competition so they can charge and work at premium rates.

Our passion is helping business owners strategically grow their businesses and profits using the full power of websites, online and digital marketing. It’s marketing and function first and then smart design that gives business owners the fastest results.

And above all else - to do this cost effectively with precise measurable results!

We ‘major’ in websites and blogging, lead generation, client qualification, email marketing, SEO and social media marketing.

With a talented team, located in Australia including Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Project Managers, IT Support, Social Media and SEO Specialists, we are positioned to provide clients with all the tools and support they need to build a strong and profitable online solution to achieve a higher level of online success.

Our Vision

To be respected and trusted as a world-class website and digital marketing company delivering exceptional websites and online marketing opportunities to business owners.

Our Mission

To help professionals and small businesses market themselves cost effectively online and use their website and online marketing portals as the tool it was intended to be.

In the Community

Smarter Websites proudly supports organisations that help the community in many different ways. We have done much ‘pro bono’ work to assist local organisations to build their own online presence which in turn empowers them to grow and support their own communities online.

Our Range of Services (and Brag Stuff)

We personally manage and host over 170 Smarter WordPress Websites. We also provide hosting solutions for over 380 business websites.

Through our ‘Smarter Hosting’ platform we can provide reseller (WHM) Web Host Management Services.

We run both a Dedicated Server in Australia and the US. Dedicated means just our sites and our client’s sites are on this server infrastructure as opposed to a ‘shared’ hosting environment.

We also provide email marketing solutions for over 85 businesses through our own ‘Smart Email’ marketing software platform. In addition we provide niche services to mortgage brokers, real estate agents and network marketers.





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