Be Aware of Black Hat SEO


Getting Page Views and Traffic at Any Cost is Not a Good Tactic

In fact, sometimes that quick ‘boost’ can cost you your ‘online reputation’ and do rankings damage that can take time to recover from.

Beware of any company that recommends you employ any ‘black hat’ techniques. What we do is defined as search engine optimisation (SEO) and our seo services are ‘white hat’ or ‘ethical’.

We don’t believe in ‘the quick fix’. A solid sound online strategy will also help you ‘hold’ your rank position.

Long Term Placement in Search Engines

Our practices are aimed at long term placement in search engines and by building your online reputation in Google, especially.

Another practice to be mindful of is ranking for words that MAY be related to your niche or industry but the conversion may not be high.

EG: If your business delivered ‘business systemisation training’ and one of your high traffic volume keywords was ‘office filing systems’. You would want to be sure that people when they used that term weren’t thinking of ‘filing cabinets’ right?

Why? Because if they clicked on your link and went to your site, and they’re actually after a filing cabinet they’re not going to stay on your website are they? That is considered a ‘bounce’.

A ‘bounce’ is when a visitor comes and leaves from the same page, obviously they weren’t interested in what you have to offer.


Here’s the Thing. A High Bounce Rate Sends the Wrong Message to Google on 2 Fronts

1. When you rank for that term visitors are not having a ‘good user experience’ (and Google is ALL about good user experience)

2. Your visitor traffic visit length is short (demerit points for you from Google)


Why Are We Even Mentioning This?

Because sometimes SEO companies find it easy to ‘rank’ you high for a term so they get supposed ‘rank results’ but the bottom line it is not profitable website traffic.

Less volume traffic but high quality traffic with good conversions is gold to you, more $$$ in the bank AND gold to your online SEO efforts.

If your traffic stays longer, visits more pages that in turn tells the search engines your website is of high authority so in turn you get ‘brownie’ points with them. It’s the win-win game we advocate with Google and the other search engines.

Too many ‘Beware’ points in SEO! Keep an eye on our website FAQ section.

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